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Farm Animals Set

Sheep, donkey, cow, pig and llama

Pets Set

Duck, cat, rabitt, dog and chicken

Park's animals Set

Humming Bird, swan, fox, butterfly and squirrel

Jungle Animals Set

Elephant, giraffe, lion, tigger and zebra

Zoo Animals Set

Monkey, panda bear, snake, hippo and crocodile 
Sea Animals Set

Shark, red fish,octopus, gold fish and pinguin

Miscellaneous Animals Set

Monkey, turtle, duck, bee and snail

Three little pigs and the Big bad Wolf Set

3 pigs and a wolf

Little Red Riding Hood Set

Little red riding hood, grandmother and the wolf

Best seller finger puppets

Dinosaur, Humpty Dumpty, Red Monster and the Unicorn

Christmas finger puppets

Reindeer, Father Christmas, Angel and Snowman













Set of Finger Puppets from the Andes

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