Inkas Crafts is a small family run business. We, as Peruvians know very well the ingenuity, creativity and at the same time, the poverty of the artisans of our country, and in 2005 we decided to spread and promote their products in order to  contribute to their economic and artistic development

We witnessed how they work, organized in groups, they express with their

hands the ingenuity that is part of their tradition and culture.  It is reflected in the diverse items we offer for sale: Finger puppets, Cardigans

                                             Jewellery, Hats,gloves, toys  etc.

We know that each member of these groups of Artisans have a big family to

feed, that is why we purchase directly from them and try to keep our prices low

in order to sell quickly and keep buying from them.  At Inkas Crafts we

believe firmly in the principles of fair trade.  We ensure all the people who

make our products receive a fair price for their crafts.  When you buy from us,

you can be sure that you are directly helping the Artisans of Peru.  Every item

you purchase assists them in building a better life for their families.

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